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ADMS 101 - Advanced Distribution Management Systems

March 7, 2023 | Online :: 9:45am- 4:00pm Central Time

Utilities find themselves in demanding times, with the move toward clean energy and distributed energy resources, grid control, reliability and transparency having become more difficult using existing DMS/OMS tools. Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) are the best answer to achieve these goals. This course brings together a systems expert and a utility user to share their knowledge and experiences making the functions and components of ADMS easier to grasp.

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ADMS 101 – Advanced Distribution Management Systems (

Carl is an Innovation leader with 25+ years’ experience related to delivering electric grid solutions, smart grid, consulting, system integration, and computer applications.

Carl has successfully led the production delivery for many high ROI modernization and Smart Grid projects for BC Hydro, SaskPower, Duke Energy, Consumers Energy, Eversource Energy, First Solar, Midcontinent ISO, PJM, California ISO, Saint John Energy and General Electric.

Carl specializes in strategic architectural, data, and system integration initiatives and has extensive experience and expertise in software/data/IT architecture, analytics/data science, real-time operational and control system technologies, cloud computing, Smart Grid and DevOps solutions. Carl is thoroughly experienced in systems planning, evaluation, building secure networks / architectures, and implementing software, data and integration solutions.

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

ESTA experts will be at DistribuTECH in San Diego to present at the Utility University. The topic of the course is ADMS Solutions for Modern Distribution Systems. The session will take place Monday, February 6 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM. Bob Uluski, Stipe Fustar and Manuel Atanacio from ESTA International, LLC along with Carl Ozkaynak, Director of Innovation - St. John’s Energy and Yashar Kenarangui, Principal Engineer, Emerging Technologies - Xcel Energy will be leading the course to provide information for electric utilities to plan, integrate and commission an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) that includes functions for electrical optimization, outage management, DER management, and other advanced applications. For more registration information, visit DistribuTECH's session website here.

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