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About ESTA

ESTA (Energy Strategy and Technology Associates) International was founded in 2009 to fill the void in highly skilled and deeply knowledgeable consulting services during a visionary time of intelligent and smart grids. Years later, ESTA continues to keep true to our original mission by amassing top technical and industry knowledge. Extensive practical experience, thought leadership, proven processes, and a focus on personal and collaborative partnerships with our clients are hallmarks of ESTA International and its partners.

We leverage our rich set of capabilities to help guide our clients in the areas of grid modernization, smart grids, operational and enterprise technologies, DERs, microgrids, cybersecurity, grid resiliency, emerging technologies, advanced protection, control and automation, digital transformation, energy markets, energy transitions, business digitalization, asset management, smart cities, and other related areas. Whether you are a governmental agency, transmission and distribution utility, R&D institution, regulatory commission, energy provider or energy consumer, ESTA is here to help navigate the grid modernization and energy transformation.

ESTA is a fully independent consulting firm that has no vested interest or formal ties to any product or vendor. Our findings, conclusions, and recommendations are solely in the best interests of our clients.

ESTA's commitment to our clients is built on these core values and company strengths

Established Track Record

Vast practical experience and vision. Our broad range of business knowledge, operational experience, program management, policy development, and technology innovations enable us to understand and deliver optimal results based on our client’s objectives and business strategy.

Collaborative Approach

Engaging approach working with both client executives and business and technical stakeholders. We employ a fully collaborative and flexible approach – creating partnerships by listening to our clients and personalizing our work to exceed project expectations and deliver an overall experience that contributes to our client’s success.

Leading Experts

Our team of leading experts have decades of proven expertise and hands-on experience managing and deploying projects. We use proven and mature processes and tools to solve problems, implement effective strategies and recommendations while ensuring long-term knowledge transfer to our clients.

Proven Processes and Tools

We have established mature processes and developed a set of study methodologies, software tools and intellectual property to effectively execute the work plan and meet project objectives and deliverables.


Detailed knowledge of enabling technologies and vendor offerings, but not affiliated with any vendor or product. We are completely impartial and work on behalf of our clients in meeting project objectives.

Client Dedication

We are committed to delivering our very best for every client – with open communication no matter the challenge – making effective decisions, solving problems, developing strategies, recommending systems, and providing knowledge to achieve long-term goals. 

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