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Direct access to our hands-on experience and exposure to real operational and technological needs worldwide provides our clients with alternative perspectives and proven approaches to solving common problems and energy business issues. This is what sets ESTA International apart from others. Our services range from business strategies and policies to technology evaluation and implementation.

While ESTA’s project management approach is designed to facilitate the successful execution of the project, it allows ample flexibility to accommodate unforeseen events during the project. It is important in any new endeavor to have the right policy, processes, and organization in place while facilitating change management and providing the proper skillsets and training to the team. ESTA has the expertise and experience to ensure these essential enabling factors complement every technology implementation.

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Strategy and Operational Improvement

  • Market Surveys and Studies

  • Grid Modernization Strategy

  • Needs and Gap Analysis, Readiness Assessment

  • Operational and Technology Roadmaps

  • Technology and Vendor Maturity Assessment

  • Use Case, Requirements Development

  • Business Case Development and Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Organization and Process Impact Analysis

  • Business Process Reengineering and Change Management

  • Training and Capacity Building

  • Policy and Regulation Support

Technical and Procurement

  • Vendor Maturity and Technology Readiness Assessment

  • Design and Specification Development

  • Implementation Planning

  • IT/OT Integration Evaluation

  • RFP Preparation, Vendor Bid Evaluation and Selection

  • Contract Negotiation and Statement of Work Development

  • Subject Matter Expertise

  • System Integration Oversight

  • Standards Development Support

  • Cybersecurity Compliance and Audit Support

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Project management scheduling concept with Gantt chart planning with tasks and milestones

Implementation Support

  • Technical Document and Design Reviews

  • Implementation Planning

  • Project Management Support

  • Risk Management and Quality Assurance

  • Acceptance Testing (FAT, SAT) Review and Supervision

  • Site Installation and Commissioning Support

  • Cutover Planning and Execution

  • Post-Implementation Measurement and Verification

  • Training Seminars and Workshop

Studies and Analytics

ESTA has developed mature processes and study methodologies and software tools to help clients analyze and assess technologies throughout the evaluation and procurement process.

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