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IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) Latin America

ESTA International participated of the Panel "Decentralization of Power Generation: The New Paradigm" at IEEE ISGT for Latin America in San Juan PR November 8, 2023.

Abstract With increasing levels of Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) the electric power system is undergoing a sea change. The conventional grid operational practices based on centralized control are inadequate to deal with myriads of active grid-edge devices. Several operational constructs that traditionally have been exercised in a top-down fashion result in unsatisfactory results under the emerging power system paradigm. For example, the conventional load forecasting methods starting from forecasting the load in a zone and using distribution factors determined by State Estimator application are no longer adequate since bus loads are no longer conforming due to variability of distributed renewable resources such as distributed solar generation. Bottom up forecasting starting from the grid edge working up to the T&D interface substations prove more effective. Inclusion of DERs in the black start and energy power restoration planning process is another example of the capabilities for leveraging grid edge assets and microgrids to enhance grid reliability and resilience. In the emerging electric power system, a combination of hierarchical information exchange and decentralized decision making is a promising paradigm shift for grid operation. This panel session will address power system operational issues associated with increasing levels of distributed generation, as well as how a combination of incentive-based measures and decentralized decision making can turn around the problem into a solution for enhanced grid reliability, resilience, and economics.

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