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ESTA Presents at T&D Live September 12 - 14 Sacramento, CA

This Learning Lab will focus on the fundamental components of ADMS, encompassing SCADA, advanced distribution applications, DER management, and outage management. It will also cover the major interfaces of ADMS, such as GIS, AMI, and EMS.

Attendees will gain the necessary knowledge to plan, integrate, and implement these systems effectively at their utility. We will share our experience and insights into actual ADMS implementations. We will also discuss major challenges encountered and offer solutions, as well as share valuable lessons learned throughout the implementation process.

This course is specifically designed for operators, engineers, and managers involved in the operation, design, and optimization of electric distribution systems. It will be particularly beneficial for electric distribution companies that are considering an ADMS or adding DERMS to an existing ADMS in the near future.

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