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Leading Consulting Firm Serving the
Energy Industry Worldwide

We focus on industry transformational change, technology-driven innovation, and business resiliency to ensure growth and success of our clients


We leverage our rich set of capabilities to help guide our clients in the areas of grid modernization, smart grid, operational and enterprise technologies, DERs, microgrids, cybersecurity, grid resiliency, emerging technologies, advanced protection, control and automation, digital transformation, energy markets, energy transitions, asset management, smart cities, and other related areas.

What We Do

Strategy and Operational Improvement 
Technical and Procurement 
Implementation Support 
Studies and Analytics



Established Track Record

Leading Industry Experts 

​Collaborative Approach

Client Dedication

​Proven Processes and Tools

Independent from Suppliers 

Recent News

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Highlighted Projects & Events 

  • September 30 - 1pm - 5pm T&D World Live - This Learning Lab provides information electric utilities need to plan, integrate, and commission an advanced distribution management system (ADMS) that includes functions for electrical optimization, outage management, DER Management, and other advanced applications.

  • August 20 - EUCI Virtual Course - ADMS/DERMS 101 - Enhance your understanding of Advanced Distribution Management Systems (ADMS) and Distributed Energy Resources Management Systems (DERMS) with our comprehensive course. ADMS is revolutionizing grid control, reliability, and transparency, while DERMS seamlessly integrates Distributed Energy Resources into the grid.

  • February 19 - Presenting at IEEE ISGT North America - Implementing Fault Location Isolation and Service Restoration (FLISR) on Distribution Circuits with High DER Penetration – Strategies for Success

  • ANDE Selects ESTA to provide consulting services for SCADA-ADMS-GIS-cyber security project valued at $2.26 million USD

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