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Mario S. DePillis

Chief Economist Associate Consultant

Areas Of Expertise

Dr. Mario DePillis is an economist and expert in electricity markets, market design, and market monitoring.  He has been reviewing and designing electricity markets for nearly 20 years, either as a member of a market operator, as a market monitor, or as a regulator. He is currently the lead market monitor for the Mexican wholesale electricity market. He has assisted or overseen the implementation of various market design and market mitigation software.


His professional experience includes both public and private sectors.  Since December 2015, Dr. DePillis has been the Lead Market Monitor for the Mexican wholesale electricity market. He has advised the government market vigilance unit on design issues, led the review of the performance of the operator and the market, and advised on the evaluation of generation offers.

His pervious private experience includes 17 years at the Independent System Operator of New England (ISO-NE). At ISO-NE, Dr. DePillis was both a market monitor and a market designer. Within market monitoring he designed offer mitigation rules, reviewed new market designs, oversaw daily generation offer mitigation, and oversaw market reporting. In his role as market designer, Dr. DePillis designed a unique market for advance purchase of reserve capacity and both reviewed and designed other modifications to the markets. He was involved in all stages of new market implementation from original design to review of the new market after implementation.


Prior to the Independent System Operator of New England, Dr. DePillis worked at the Public Utility Commission of Texas where he reviewed integrated resource planning, retail access pilots, and market power issues.

Dr. DePillis has published and spoken topics from simulation, demand response, market design, and the coordination of gas and electric markets. 

Years of Experience

20 years

Countries of Work Experience

Mexico, Vietnam, Guatemala, and U.S.


  • Ph.D. / Economics/ University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (1996)


English, Spanish

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