Transmission / Distribution Utilities

Our suite of services for Transmission and Distribution utilities includes:


  • Needs and Gap Analysis

  • Technology Assessment – What new technology is right for you?

  • Best Practice Studies

  • Business Assessment

  • Operational Impact Studies

  • Operational and Technology Roadmaps

  • Training

  • Organizational Studies

  • Procurement Services

  • Manage Your Suppliers and Contractors

  • Project Management and Implementation Support Services


We support the following technical areas:


  • Real-Time Automation (SCADA, EMS, DMS, OMS, Substation/Distribution Automation)

  • Smart Grid Technologies (AMI, PMU, Renewable, Communication Technologies)

  • Cyber Security

  • Power Systems Analysis and Studies

  • Power System Planning

  • IT and Telecommunications

  • Operational Support

  • Demand Response

  • Wholesale Electricity Market Operations


Canada: Large Generation, Transmission, and Distribution Utility Company

Grid Control System Upgrade (MSCRT) Project - 2017 to present

ESTA International is providing consulting support for the Grid Control System Upgrade (MSCRT) project. This utility has begun replacing its grid control systems and consolidating them into a single platform with the objective to support its business vision which is articulated around integrated, smart grid management, and continuous equipment monitoring.

Description of Services:

  • Supporting the strategy and planning, requirements, and bid evaluation for a large system that includes balancing authority and reliability functions.

India: CESC Limited

Smart Grid Feasibility Study - 2013 to 2014

ESTA International worked for CESC, a large privately held electric utility serving a major metropolitan area (city of Kolkata) in India to perform a Smart Grid Feasibility Study.


Description of Services:

  • Review of the existing infrastructure


  • Assessment of Smart Grid readiness

  • Development of a Smart Grid Roadmap

  • Development of an Enterprise Application Interface (EAI)

  • Support the identification of a Pilot project

  • Related activities

India: India Power Corporation Limited (IPCL)

Technical Assistance For the Smart Grid Technlogies Project - 2017 to Present

ESTA International was selected by IPCL to undertake the Smart Grid Technologies Project to improve the efficiency of operation of the Gaya DF and its other electricity distribution and generation utility business. 

The plan is to deploy Smart Grid Technologies and develop integrate IT system for key operations within Gaya DF and all other IPCL utility businesses.


Description of Services:

  • Review and analyze loss within the Gaya DF and leverage Smart Grid deployment to enhance revenue protection and loss reduction

  • Review of existing metering, billing, customer service processes, and technologies in Gaya DF and recommend improvements

  • Develop and design an Enterprise Application Integration/IT systems integration for entire IPCL utility business

  • Recommend pilot projects that can be deployed in Gaya DF and/or other IPCL businesses

  • Develop Smart Grid roadmap and Cost- Benefit Analysis

Philippines: Aboitiz Power Company (APC)

Smart Grid Feasibility Study - 2014 to 2017

AboitizPower, the holding company of Visayan Electric Company (VECO), contracted ESTA International to perform a Smart Grid feasibility study and roadmap development.

Description of Services:

  • Technology and Operation Gap Analysis of the existing systems including SCADA

  • Asset Management

  • Communication Systems

  • Substation Automation System 

  • Enterprise Applications 

As part of scope, ESTA has performed a Cost-Benefit Analysis for future Smart Grid projects including Distribution/Feeder Automation, Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS), and AMI.

Philippines: Aboitiz Power Company (APC)

Visayas Smart Grid Implementation Roadmap - 2015 to 2016

ESTA International assisted the Aboitiz Power Corporation in determining the appropriate approach for implementing Smart Grid solutions for grid reinforcement and reliability.


Description of Services:

  • System Resiliency Requirement Review

  • Technology and Operations Gap Analysis

  • Enterprise Architecture Design

  • Cost Estimate and Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • Economic Evaluation of the selected alternatives

  • Implementation Roadmap and Investment Plan Preparation

  • Developmental Impact Assessment

  • Preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment


This work included detailed analysis of the SCADA/EMS/DMS, Communication Systems, Cyber Security Requirements.

Philippines: Cagayan Electricity Power & Light Company (CEPALCO)

Feasibility Study of AMI Rollout - 2016 to 2017

CEPALCO selected ESTA International to help determine the viability and appropriate approach for implementing smart metering solutions. CEPALCO’s goals included improve reliability, reduce losses, improve revenue collection, improve customer service, reduce maintenance and operational costs, and evaluate the need for demand response.


Description of Services:

  • Assessment of the existing IT/OT systems and existing business processes 

  • Develop business requirements 

  • Perform customer surveys – Acceptance of the Smart Metering and Estimating Value of Lost Load (VOLL)

  • Solution design of AMI  

  • Develop functional requirements and technical specifications 

  • Cost-Benefit Analysis 

  • Provide technical training 

  • Technology exchange program – US Technical Tour 

  • Identify regulatory Issues and financing options 

  • Develop implementation plan and roadmap 

  • Serve as a expert witness in front of the regulator

Thailand: Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) and Chulalongkom University Center of Excellence in Electric Power Technology (CEPT)

SCADA/EMS Replacement Project - 2014 to 2016

ESTA International supported Chulalongkorn University with respect to the Metropolitan Electricity Authority’s on-going SCADA/EMS Replacement project.  This project provided MEA with new SCADA/EMS systems at two control centers. Each system are now capable of backing up the other system in the event, for example, of a major disaster.


Description of Services:

  • Major updates to the SCADA/EMS requirements, specifications, and associated commercial bidding documents.

  • Development of bidding procedures suitable for international competitive bidding and a corresponding bid evaluation methodology.

  • Evaluating bids and providing award of contract recommendations.  

Thailand: Provincial Electricity Authority of Thailand (PEA)

Distribution Dispatching Center Improvement Project (DDIP) - 2015 to 2016

ESTA International was selected by PEA to develop plans for upgrading the SCADA/EMS/DMS/DT Systems to meet PEA’s on-going and future Smart Grid initiatives.


Description of Services:

  • Development of requirements and an upgrade plan (roadmap). In this respect, the DDC1 systems will be replaced, whereas initially the DDC2 systems will be upgraded as needed to allow full integration with the new DDC1 systems. This includes development of an architecture that will improve performance, capacity, simplify maintenance and support, reduce costs, allow for future-proofing, and provide disaster recovery capabilities. It also includes design activities addressing the need for new “last-mile” communications and field device (recloser, load break switch, voltage regulator, capacitor bank) interfaces, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) as it pertains, for example, to integration of the SCADA/EMS/DMS systems with GIS, OMS, and MDM/AMI. As for the existing systems, a full suite of EMS and DMS applications, including DTS, will be provided. As far as the existing FLISR application is concerned, however, it is likely that a decentralized rather than centralized approach to implementing this self-healing function will be adopted.

  • 2. Preparation of bidding documents for the new and upgraded systems and their associated field device and communications equipment including bid methodology and bidder pre-qualification documents.

  • 3. Bid evaluation and award of contract activities.

Turkey: Turkish Electricity Transmission Co., (TEIAS)

Smart Grid Feasibility Study and Implementation Plan- 2014 to 2016

TEİAŞ selected ESTA International to undertake a Smart Grid study. 


Description of Services: 

  • Review and Assess Current System

  • Technical Gap Analysis and Requirements

  • Cost Estimates

  • Financial Analysis and blueprint for investment

  • 5 Year implementation plan and budget

  • Regulatory, Environmental, and Capacity Building Impacts

  • Training and technology exchange


This work included detailed analysis of:


  • Communications Systems

  • Cyber Security Requirements

  • Integration of Renewable Energy Resources to the Grid

Turkey: Yesilirmak Electricity Distribution Co., (YEDAS)

Feasibility Study of the 2nd Stage Smart Grid Projects - 2015 to 2017

YEDAS selected ESTA International to undertake a Smart Grid study. YEDAS had recently commissioning a Distribution Management Systems (DMS) and it is planning to develop roadmaps for his second phase of Smart Grid projects


Description of Services:

  • Review and Assess Current System

  • Technical Gap Analysis and Requirements

  • Cost Estimates

  • Financial Analysis and blueprint for investment

  • 5 Year implementation plan and budget

  • Regulatory, Environmental, and Capacity Building Impacts

  • Training and technology exchange


This work includes detailed analysis of:

  • YEDAS network to determine the number and location of new RTUs

  • Auto-reclosers

  • AMI Pilot Project Design

  • Volt/VAR Optimization Requirements

  • Integration of Renewable Energy Resources to the Grid

USA: Large Electric Utility

SCADA/EMS Replacement Project - 2016 to present

ESTA International is supporting this large electric utility with their SCADA/EMS replacement project.


Description of Services:

  • Requirement definition

  • Specification preparation

  • Support through contract negotiation

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