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Sneha Ramdaspalli

Energy Analyst


Areas Of Expertise

Dr. Sneha Ramdaspalli is an expert in large-scale decentralized system design with a focus on distributed energy resources management (DERMS). She has over ten years of experience in designing decentralized energy systems for standalone applications and developing grid integration solutions for the electric utility industry. She is an electrical engineer with hands-on skills and solid background in design of microgrids, and IoT-based solutions for smart grids and smart cities. She is also experienced with electrical network modeling and performing simulations on large scale complex systems.

Over the years, she has designed and implemented several data-driven algorithms and software packages for various engineering applications in the Smart Grid domain. Some of her areas of expertise include:

  • Distributed Energy Management Systems (DERMS) – ADMS, DRMS, VPP

  • Electric grid integration – rooftop solar PV, EVs

  • System design and integration - microgrids

  • Life cycle costing and cost-benefit analysis

  • Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

  • Data-driven modeling & Machine learning

  • IoT-based solutions - smart buildings, smart cities, EV2G

  • Demand Response & Energy efficiency solutions

  • Software Engineering and Development


She has worked in R&D and engineering positions at Tata Consultancy Services, Greenko Technologies and National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL), United States. Strong at developing data-driven models, performance optimization, writing engineering and technical reports. Dr. Ramdaspalli has actively contributed to research publications in Innovative and Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT) in building energy efficiency, demand response and transactive control.


Years of Experience

Over 10 years – Electric Power Industry with a focus on large scale system design, engineering and deploying renewable energy assets (solar PV, battery banks) and electric vehicle grid integration (EV2G), architecture, design, and development of solutions for smart grids and smart cities.

Over 5 years – Tech Industry with a focus on data-driven modeling and forecasting - Machine Learning (Deep Learning), Statistical Analysis and Modeling, Probabilistic forecasting, Hypothesis Testing, Experiment Design, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems.


Countries of Work Experience

India, United States


  • Ph.D. /Electrical and Computer Engineering/ Virginia Tech, United States (2021)

  • Bachelors & Masters /Electrical Engineering/ IIT Madras, India (2012)


English, Hindi, Telugu