Executive Management Support

Executive Management is faced with an ever-increasing demand by stakeholders, policy makers, political officials, and consumers. Major trends in the utility business like convergence of operational and information technologies are concerning executives like never before. Grid Modernization strategy and planning now require an overall and integrated assessment of the entire "utility" value chain and the potential costs are astronomical. Properly valued business cases are needed and ESTA's team includes executives and consultants with experience in these topics.

Program Management Support

Focused Program Management provides the ability to implement the policy, the technology, the vision, and other initiatives for important projects in a timely and efficient manner. Having access to experienced and decisive Program Managers is a key success factor for programs and projects. ESTA's team has Program Managers with this exact profile.

Organization, Policy, and Training

A key success factor in any new endeavor is having the right policy, business processes, and organization in place while facilitating change management and providing the proper training to the team.  These are the essential enabling factors that must complement every technology implementation. ESTA’s team includes experts in utility policy, the business processes that support that policy, and the organizational structure design changes needed to put in place and execute these processes. We also have experts that have experience designing and providing gap training programs to existing utility organizations to aid with their organizational change management programs.

Technical Advisory Support

There are many technical issues facing the energy industry today. While “Smart Grid” and “Grid Modernization” are the leading buzz phrases, the team at ESTA has always worked hard for decades to make the grid smarter and more modern. This includes successful completion of projects for the modernization of transmission and distribution control systems like SCADA, EMS, DMS, and OMS, and many other past and on-going projects such as those concerning Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Asset Management, Generation Control Systems Deregulated Electricity Markets Systems, Demand Response Management Systems, Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems, Advanced Metering Infrastructure/Meter Data Management Systems, and Microgrids. Within this context, ESTA's knowledge and experience extends to the application of standards such as IEC 61850 and the Common Information Model (CIM) and the deployment of technologies such as those associated with energy storage and electric vehicles. What is real? What is hype?  ESTA International skills encompass hands-on experience in the leading technological areas through project work and formal and informal technical information exchanges with technology providers. 

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Areas of Expertise


Enterprise Application Integration

Design Services for IT/OT Integration and Business Processes

Distributed Energy Resources Integration

Policy and Guideline Development and Design Services

Smart Grid and Smart Cities

Requirement Development Design of Smart Grid Labs and Smart Metering Facilities


Grid Automation, SCADA/EMS, ADMS/DA, and SAS

Requirement Development, System Design, Procurement Specifications, Vendor Evaluations, and Acceptance Testing

Technology and Business Strategies

Technology Assessment, GAP Analysis Solution Design, and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Grid Modernization

Distribution Energy Resource Planning and Optimization, Location-based Circuits Analysis, and Smart Metering