Government and Regulatory Agencies

Our suite of services for Government and Regulatory Agencies includes:

  • Best Practice Studies

  • Program Design

  • Project Selection

  • Program Evaluation and Assessment

We support the following organizational, business, and technical areas:

  • Policy and Regulations 

  • Real-Time Automation (SCADA, EMS, Distribution Management Systems, Substation Automation)

  • Smart Grid Technologies (AMI, PMU, Renewable, Communication Technologies)

  • Generation (Thermal and Renewable)

  • Cyber Security

  • Power Systems Planning and Analysis

  • IT, Networks, and Telecommunications

  • Demand Response

  • Wholesale Electricity Market Operations


Mexico: Comisión Reguladora de Energía (CRE)

Smart Grid Regulatory Framework (Roadmap) - 2012 to 2015

ESTA International was awarded a contract by the Energy Regulatory Commission of Mexico for the development of a Smart Grid Regulatory Framework for the country of Mexico. 


Description of Services: 

  • A review of the international Smart Grid activities

  • Assessment of the readiness of the Mexican power system for Smart Grid

  • Development of a roadmap

  • Suggestions for incentives to encourage Smart Grid deployment

  • Economic analysis

  • Environmental analysis

  • Other related activities


This work included working closely with CRE and the utility (CFE) in identify opportunities for deploying the following smart grid technology:

  • Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”)

  • Data Flow, Information Management, Information Technologies, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (“SCADA”)

  • Cybersecurity equipment

  • Software upgrades for improved customer service, asset management, utility operations, and transmission and distribution operations

USA: Department of Energy Office of Policy and International Affairs (PI), International Smart Grid Action Network

Study of India Smart Grid Activities Related to ISGAN - 2012 to 2012

ESTA International was contracted by the US Department of Energy to review Smart Grid activities in India to identify areas of enhanced cooperation between the US Dept. of Energy and the Indian Power Sector in the context of the International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN). 


Description of Services: 

  • Market Research

  • Person to person meetings with officials and Smart Grid stakeholders in India

USA: Department of Energy Office of Electricity Delivery & Energy Reliability

International Smart Grid Study - 2010 to 2010

ESTA International conducted a study of International Smart Grid programs around the globe. Sixty-six Electric Power Industry participants from 42 countries on five continents voluntarily shared information on their Smart Grid programs.


This study Included: 

  • Current status of Smart Grid

  • Smart Grid drivers

  • Smart Grid barriers

  • Smart Grid components

  • Smart Grid implementation schedule

  • Smart Grid implementation challenges

  • Smart Grid corporate priority

  • Smart Grid organizational involvement

  • Smart Grid funding

  • Smart Grid impact on procedures and processes

  • Smart Grid impact on organization staffing

  • US Smart Grid Technology of most interest

  • Smart Grid international collaboration, role of governments in Smart Grid, and local organizations driving Smart Grid

  • Smart Grid standards development


The result of the study showed that after AMI and the associated infrastructure, advanced distribution management systems were the most popular component of Smart Grid implementation.

Vietnam: Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam

Review Smart Grid Implementation Program - 2015 to 2016

ESTA International was selected to review the Smart Grid implementation program in Vietnam. This work included developing the methodology for accessing the Smart Grid programs in the country. 


Description of Services:

  • Review of AMI, SCADA/EMS/DMS

  • Unmanned Substations

  • Overall improvements

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