Our Associates are industry experts each with more than 20 years of experience in their respected fields.  We are a team of straight-talking individuals providing our clients with expert advice. We are good listeners, good coaches, good technologist, and good managers that bring a pragmatic and realistic approach to our assignments. By asking the right questions, we help identify the real needs and work with you in developing the solutions.  We are your partners for success.

Our team includes Smarter Grid Experts, Power System Specialists, Real-time Automation Specialists, Program Managers, Telecommunications Specialists, IT Specialists, Training Specialists, Organizational Specialists, Executive Managers, Business Developers, and more.

Our team consists of individuals with PhDs, Masters, and MBA’s. We have worked at and for Utilities, Market Operators, Governmental Agencies, Consultants, and Technology Providers.

We have expertise in the following areas:

Executive Management

Program Management

Technical and Business Advisory

Real-Time Automation

Smart Grid Technologies

Power System Analysis and Studies

T&D Reliability and  Planning

Renewable Generation

Operational Support

IT, Networks, and Telecommunications

Cyber Security

Operational Support

Demand Response

Wholesale electricity market operations

Regulatory, Policy, and Training

International Endeavors

Working with Development Agencies

Contact us at Info@ESTAinternational.com or by telephone at +1 703 579 1944 to learn more about our team and how we can help.

 Our Team
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