ESTA International was founded by experienced industry experts to assist the stakeholders in today’s electric energy sector better navigate current trends and opportunities. We help develop smart strategies and deploy enabling technologies in a pragmatic manner to meet the needs of today while preparing for future generations.

Through business intelligence, extensive industry knowledge, and proven processes, ESTA International helps its clients in defining the most suitable path for achieving their vision.

ESTA International Principals and Associates bring years of practical experience and visionary views to our industry. Our hands-on experience and exposure to real electric utility operational and technological needs in the US and around the globe sets us apart.

Our Services include:

  1. Executive Management Support

  2. Program Management Support

  3. Technical Advisory Support

  4. Organization, Policy, and Training

  5. Business Development, Sales, and Marketing

  6. Experience with Development Institutions

  7. International Experience

Contact us at or by telephone at +1 703 579 1944  to learn more about ESTA International and how we can help you achieve your goals.

 About ESTA
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